About THUSELCO Holdings

The trade name “THUSELCO” expresses its’ conceptual meaning as “The ground of blissful trade” - "සංතෘශ්ඨියේ වෙළඳ භූමිය"

Thuselco Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, has started its’ functions from scratch , and have gathered highly qualified and standard human resources  and a management fully furnished with knowledge and knowhow on the related trade, As well geared with cutting edge technological equipment and methodology in the field of  producing coir substrate products.

Based on a comprehensive vision and a mission “THUSELCO” was established with a wider prospective, which has currently evolved beyond the limits of a conventional entrepreneur. Through out the time from its’ inception, “THULECO” has now groomed and mastered on the subject of producing coir base products, commended internationally. “THUSELCO” is an organisation with a global vision, incepted upon clear principals and policies of its’ own, enabling it to grow as a versatile manufacturer of goods and services of coir related products. Maintaining high standards and quality of the production process and products,  as well as supply the quantity upon the required demand on time, have always been key focused objectives of “ THUSELCO ” from its’ very inception.

Apart from the industrial vision, “THUSELCO”, extends its’ production activities with a national policy of “Serve the countryside to grow the country”, has created many employment opportunities to a vast number of locals in and around the region. As well it has developed a strong network of suppliers and related service providers as a result of the manufacturing process. The functions of “THUSELCO” has created a key chain connection among the society and families by which, many are directly and indirectly benefitted in diverse ways and means.

Our Vision

Create a sustainable manufacture contribution and generate a strong production process with high quality, standards and quantity, involving novel cutting edge technology and methodology in the hands of standard human resource and knowhow. By which relevantly enables to cater the global market.

As well develop the local industry, to an international level that positively contributes financially and economically towards the development of the national productivity, livelihood and the social betterment.

Our Mission

Gather the best standardized and skilled human resources, manpower and management skills, along with concentrated knowhow and technology, empowered by cutting edge equipment and infrastructure, to generate a strong and a productive production process of high quality goods.

Expand the supply process to meet the demands of the International market, with commendable quality and standards, in order to gain the goodwill across the nation and beyond the seas, through positive means of an efficient and a productive production process.

Develop and enhance the livelihood, lives of the countryside and the nation through a productive industrial process, which contributes positively to the  national economy. And reflectively establish and expand the industry of producing all products with a strong and sustainable market hold.

Develop a self sufficient and an independent raw material supply chain, through expanding the production entrepreneurship towards coconut cultivation, which enables to achieve the state of self dependency on providing of raw material, to execute an efficient and a further qualitative production process.

Guarantee to produce a unique range of products with “THUSELCO” standards and principals involving highly skilled professional expertise and cutting edge technology, enabling to present the market a premium quality product to suite any kind of weather condition that’s capable of harvesting a maximum crop.