Global Market

Having a unique range of internationally commendable, coir substrate products “THUSELCO” has gradually expanded its’ presence across the globe into different destinations. Meeting with the global market demands, at present “THUSELCO” supplies coir range of products to Mexico, Canada, Malaysia, Switzerland, Turkey and UAE. Further developing on management and marketing expertise, “THUSELCO” is in the process of expanding its’ supplies towards other international destinations beyond the borders.

Our Globalized Apporach

Constantly evolving world at present endures various, social, political and geographical calamities, the climate change have affected the human civilization greater than before. Deforestation, vast increase of population, expansion of human habitat, and industrial policies and mega industrial and agricultural activities have affected nations in different ways and means, resulting unprecedented circumstances to the mother nature and natural landmass. In reflectively to the complex situations arouse throughout the past, agriculture and cultivation sector across the world have discovered other ways and means, to develop a sustainable solution, to cultivate and grow on substitute methods, by which the Coir Substrate grow products were introduced globally.

“THUSELCO” being a key production entity in Sri Lanka, that produces International standard Substrate products, with its’ own unique standards, has a wide prospect and a corporate approach on supplying the global demand of Coir products at its’ best. “THUSELCO”, renders its’ fullest effort and expertise, through the production process by means of supply, to contribute positively and effectively towards the global need of developing a sustainable ground for agriculture and cultivation. The entire corporate entity of “THUSELCO” has been conceptually formulated to reach the global goal of flourishing the sector of agriculture through productive means and at “THUSELCO” we believe in realizing dreams through sheer commitment, principals and responsible actions, which has projected a trusted spot light internationally on its’ goodwill.

Market Stability & Strength

Having a strong and a sustainable production process, which is steered by professional management strategies with a sound capital investment and financial stability, has guided “THUSELCO” to achieve strong market stability locally and internationally. The committed contribution, with a concentrated production process in the field of Coir Substrate products, have been a key decisive factor of gaining market stability and strength through out the years. And at present “THUSELCO” stands strong and high in the market and in the field of coir substrate products, with a profound foundation.