The Mastermind

Thusitha Siriwardene, the master minded Managing Director who was behind the screen of “THUSELCO”, was born and nurtured in Panduwasnuwara amidst the historical values of the kingdom, has pursued his college education at Central College in Kuliyapitiya.  Throughout his college education Thusitha was a shining bright student in the field of commerce, and later succeeded to enter the University of Sri Jayawardenepura. Being a committed and a studious student in campus at the faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, young Thusitha pursued his studies in the field of accountancy and succeeded to obtain a special degree with a first class, as a Bachelor of Science Accountancy.  In the year 2008, a rare and the most acclaimed award presented to the most outstanding students by the University, “The Patric Mendis Prize”, was awarded to Thusitha, for excelling in leadership and academic activities in the faculty of Management Studies and Commerce. As well he was awarded the “Gold Medal” for being the most outstanding student on accountancy studies at the University, which was felicitated by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, at the convention held in 2008. Being academically qualified and professionally specialized in the field of accountancy and financial management, he then pursued his professional studies to be qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Thusitha Siriwardene is a proud and a sound Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka. 

With a strong and a flourishing academic and a professional background, and a visionary mind drive Thusitha Siriwardene, established “THUSELCO” and manoeuvred its’ activities and functions with high productivity and standards to achieve the goals of the self-made entrepreneurship, and elevated it to the present state of a successful entity.

Joining hand with his cause, Kumudu Pemarathna, wife and the soulful life partner of Thusitha has immensely contributed her academic and professional expertise to develop and maintain the business with fullest productivity and success.

Obtaining a classy Bachelor of Science degree on Human Resource Management at the University of Sri Jayawardenepura, and further qualified as a Chartered Accountant, Kumudu Pemarathna has extended her skills in Human Resource Management at “THUSELCO”, which has fine tuned the functions and productivity at its’ best.

Committed and professionally skilled management combination of the duo Thusitha and Kumudu has brought vision and light to “THUSELCO” and continue to pave the path for its’ further growth beyond the boundaries.

Our Team

Academically qualified persons, from in and around the region have been closely scrutinized and selected to form the staff at “THUSELCO”. And professionally skilled human resources are enrolled to serve the management process. The workers and labours, who are engaged at the production line, are specially trained through an extensive training program and workshops, to perform their services effectively with productivity and efficiency. 

As a group consisting skilled professionals, the “THUSELCO” team is fully geared with knowledge and knowhow, in the field of Coir substrate production and work with sheer commitment and responsibility with fullest dedication around the clock, to reach the corporate goals of the organization.

Working Environment

With in the boundaries of the factory, the staff and workers are driven to serve in a highly technical environment with sophisticated equipment with cutting edge technology. And beyond the boundaries of the factory, the management has crated a nature friendly, mind calming environment with green grows, lawns, ponds and naturally developed resting areas as a positive influence to relax the minds of the staff.

The humanitarian attitude with a modest and professional appeal has develop the reputation between the workers and the management, as well have earn the goodwill, which has created a productive and efficient working background. By understanding the needs and wants of the staff and workers closely with a fair mind-set, the management of “THUSELCO” has created an unassuming and a friendly working environment among the workers, which in reflectively have immensely benefitted the common cause and prospects of the organization.

The management has always concentrated on the interests of the staff and workforce by which, in general the working environment at “THUSELCO” has been created on fine grounds, for the team to perform with fullest contribution, commitment and efforts to reach the prospective goals as expected.