When it comes to the production process of coir substrate products the coconut husk, which is rich in quality as a substantial material and a foundation for agricultural grow, stands as the main raw material.  And since the coconut cultivation in Kurunegala region bears high value in quality, the husks of the cultivation are proven to be high in standards, as raw material for coir substrate products.

Through out the years of effective and efficient production process, and the network extended with goodwill and reputation, “THUSELCO” has groomed a strong supply chain , and constantly being empowered by over Fifty suppliers of different scale, who are competent to supply the requirement of husk chips and coco peat raw material in mass quantities,  around the clock. 


The production process in the manufacturing facility of “THUSELCO” does not use any raw material that are supplied from the coconut cultivation around the coastal areas, due to its’ low value of quality.  It accommodates only high-quality husk chips and coco peat raw material, which are extracted from the coconut cultivation spread in and around Kurunegala region, merely for its’ standards and high value and quality.

When raw material is brought into the production facility from various areas in Kurunegala by the suppliers, skilled quality controllers at the facility check on the chip sizes, dust level, moisture, EC level and the sand levels of the supplied material, and if sand levels are indicated on a high percentage, the raw material will be rejected, to maintain the standards of the production process. Upon the quality control evaluation done by the specialists, the best raw material that matches with “THUSELCO” standards are then accommodated into storage, under proper weather conditions and environment, in an enclosed mass storage facility at the factory.

Then under the well managed production process, the raw materials are being processed by the skilled human resource and workmanship towards the automated cutting edge technical equipment. There onward the high-tech Screener machinery take up its’ duty of separating and reserving the raw material to required density and sizes, leaving aside the waste, and remaining, which are then re-circulated to produced different other related substitute products. Specialized and skilled workers monitor this separation process closely and assure that the basic raw material being processed to the required form.

After an extensive technical process of separating and processing the raw material of husk chips and cocopeats, to match the required sizes of the concerned products. Thereafter an on hands process begins a manual mixing process done by a skilled workforce. This manual mixing process with close monitoring and concentration ensure that the processed raw material bears high standards and fine quality, which await next to be produced as fine products.

Thereafter fine mixed and processed raw material, with different sizes and densities then meets its’ final stage of production at the hydraulic grow-bag press machine, which is being closely monitored with high technical assistance and trained workmanship. At this stage of production, fullest concentration is being rendered to produce the best outcome of the entire production line. And a specialized technical staff and skilled persons monitor and control the entire production process closely with fine concentration from the beginning.

Once the final grow bags are being produced, it’s quality and performance are constantly checked on regular basis, by a team of specialized agro scientist. And upon their evaluation and reviews, further developments and upgrading if required, are done during the production process. 

“THUSELCO”s , highly concentrated and focused professionalized production process, which involves professional and skilled human resources and workmanship with updated knowhow, empowered by high tech cutting edge technology, undoubtedly ensure the final product to be at its’ best quality as required by the demand.

Depending on the demand and the requirement of the client , “THUSELCO” is fully geared with all facilities and infrastructure to match any kind of international standard as well to provide any mass scale quantity as per the requirement, on any given time schedule of the year. And guarantee to provide best internationally standard grow bags and coir base products with high quality beyond the expectation.

Main Factory in Panduwasnuwara

Annual 40ft Containers
Tons of Monthly Coir Products

Product Packaging

Upon the requirement of the concerned client on packaging of the product , “THUSELCO” locally produces the relevant tailor made packages and grow bags, suiting the requirement and standard specifications of the client,  on a précised design and outlook to serve the purpose at its’ best. The package quality and standards as well the final outlook is closely monitored and maintained up on the specifications of the client by the directive guidance of “THUSELCO”.

A trained skilled workforce then hand pick the coir products and scrutinize finally to check its fine quality before packing. Each and every bag is being closely checked for its’ quality by a separate quality maintenance team. Afterwards the products are being packed carefully, with a fine finish.

After the packaging process takes place, another technical team executes a practical testing process on the products randomly, to check on the performance of the final grow bag. Their evaluation concludes the complete process of producing grow bags and then the consignment is forwarded to the cargo package department. 

Cargo Packaging

The finally packed consignment of Grow Bags, then reach the hands of a team that are specially trained for cargo packaging at the cargo packaging department within the premises.  There they store the goods in wooden pallet containers, with proper safety and care to withhold any kind of weather and travel circumstances. 

Thereafter the securely packed wooden containers are loaded on to trucks, which will then head for the shipment process.

In order to assure safe delivery, “ THUSELCO ” monitors and keep a close track on the précised consignment, until its’ being safely delivered to the client, at any destination across the globe.