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Thuselco Grow Discs

Thuselco Grow Disc is ideally de­ signed for the seed germination & sap­ ling, particularly in flower nurseries. It is the most sought-after product by the growers who maintain commercial nurs­eries because the grow disc provides customers the convenience of saving labour in pot filling as it takes the shape of the pot once drenched with water.



    Grow Disc can be used both in commercial nurseries and home gardens as a flower growing medium as well as in seed germi­ nation & sapling stages.

    Once dripped with water, it expands and fits to the pot shape. Thuselco Grow Disc is popular among follower growers.



    Recommended Crop Types

    Ideal for seed raising and growing of a wide variety of flowers such as orchid, gerbera, sunflower and vegetables & fruits




    • Excellent substrate for growing flowers
    • 100% organic, renewable resource
    • Ideal for different weather conditions
    • Excellent water retention and air holding capacity
    • Cost effective on water and fertilization
    • Excellent control over water and aeration
    • Anti-fungus, algae and pets




    Grow disc should be put in a suitable pot size and drip with clean water until you get the shape of the pot when impregnation.



    Standard Packing Style

    Available in different sizes of diameter and liter capacity as per the require ment.

    • Diameter: 6cm, 12 cm, 15cm


    Available condition – Low Electrical Conductivity




    • Store materials in a well-ventilated and dry place, away from direct sunlight.
    • Handle with care.
    • Material content can be used as a bio fertilizer after usage and polythene pack for recycling.



    Technical Information

    Dry Weight6cm Diameter – 120 g
    12cm Diameter – 240 g
    15 cm Diameter – 300 g
    Moisture Content< 18%
    Water Retaining Capacity7.0 – 7.5 Ltr per Kg
    Air Holding Capacity28 – 33%
    Electrical Conductivity< 0.500
    Washed Condition
    pH Level5.4 – 6.8
    Shelf Life06 months on good ventilation
    ConditionTreated with free from weeds, dust, irregular chips fibre and foreign substances
    Packing MaterialNo packing
    Multiple quantities deliver in boxes
    Durability02 years
    Material Content100% Coco Coir peat
    Material ColorBrown Coir
    NoteAbove technical information and values are given to the best of our knowledge based on laboratory tests and practical experience. However, we are not held liable for any circumstances due to differ­ ent usage or harsh weather conditions which are beyond our control. We reserve the rights to alter or modify above given data without prior notice. Therefore, the best advice is to contact us if you have any doubts or inquiries.